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What you need to know about driving license in 2021

In 2021 Registered and legitimate driver's license online

Yes, the truth is that we are currently creating and storing documents in the government database. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Obtain a driver's license without a written exam or practical exam. It is no longer a secret, there is no country in Europe where you can get your driving license without stress, stress or worry.

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Our valued services

From January 2021, we will make the legal international driver’s license available online. We create documents directly in the government database. You can get an instant driver’s license now, just leave us a message or contact us directly through our WhatsApp.ok

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All bout yescard and cvv

YesCard is an originally blank smart card in which a specific computer program and data is programmed by a hacker. It behaves like a bank card emulator and perfectly simulates its operation, except that it accepts any 4-digit code.



A   YesCard   is an originally blank  smart card  in which a specific   computer program   and data is programmed by a   hacker  . She behaves like an   emulator   of   credit card   and perfectly simulates the operation, except that it accepts any 4-digit code  1  .

The smart card is in the form of a true card format credit card or golden color in general, be in the form of a   printed circuit board   of   0.8   mm   thickness. These cards can only be used on   vending machines that   only take the chip into account:   gasoline pump  ,   pizza   or other food dispensers, rental  DVD   or   VHS  dispensers, etc.  1  .

Hackers can generate card numbers   randomly   (and therefore generate an existing number or not). In general, if the number exists, the name of the cardholder given by the card is false. In addition, during a transaction, the card must generate an 8-  byte  certificate by a  cryptographic  calculation of   Data Encryption Standard   (DES), which is obviously false with a   YesCard   ; the chip used does not have the   secret key   necessary for this type of calculation. Until 2001, the card number could also be generated from a   receipt  , which is why it was always necessary to recover it after a purchase or a withdrawal, or not to ask for it.

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